Why are no developers completing/maintaining native Gtk+ for OS X?

Hello All

I'm currently in charge of the development of a cross-platform OpenGL
app which uses GTk+ for it's interface.
The app runs on both *nix/X.org and win32 but when I started looking
into OS X I found that the Quartz OS X version of Gtk+ is neither
complete nor being actively developed.

I must say I find this rather baffling. I would have thought a
platform like OS X to be a priority?

I know that solutions like MacPorts provide Gtk+ for the X server in
OS X, but I strongly doubt that the average OS X user would know where
to begin with a project like MacPorts, and to be honest the look 'N
feel ***** compared to native OS X.

Also if a native Gtk+ OS X framework were available people who are
maintaining Gtk+ apps would have the option to extend their user base
to OS X quite quickly.

I would urge anyone with the time and knowledge to consider helping
complete Gtk+ for native OS X.

Jacob Juul Kolding
Juvul Tech

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