Re: GtkOrientable and GtkBox

On Wed, 2009-06-03 at 11:55 +0200, Christian Dywan wrote:

> how is this related to GtkOrientable at all? This was always
> how a vertical box worked, ever since GtkVBox was there. There is
> nothing new with it.
> I'm afraid I don't see how Gtk could help you out, if what you
> need really is a specific packing. Anything but the current way is
> pretty much random and up to the application.

It's not really related to GtkOrientable per se, but it's specifically
that when you change the runtime orientation you might also wish to
reverse the packing order (I guess think about wishing to do a -90
degree rotation rather than a +90 degree rotation).

Previously because you couldn't change the orientation, this was never
something that came up.

Does this clear up what I mean?


Davyd Madeley
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