Re: GtkOrientable: Can widgets now be flipped?

Christian Dywan a écrit :
> This is how the current state is to my awareness:
> It is meant to work so that subclasses such a GtkHFoo and GtkVFoo
> behave the same as they used to, and can't flip. However if you use the
> originally abstract base class 'orientation' works as expected, at
> construction as well as runtime.

Since all of those widgets implements GtkOrientable, it seems obvious
for me that they can be flipped as any GtkOrientable can, and only
have a default orientation to behave as they used to; and the
documentation says, as I understand, only that the new design is more
flexible that the old now unused one, nothing more.
To be sure, I've tested to flip a GtkHBox with 2.15.4 from SVN, and
yes, it works perfectly.


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