Re: GTK+ Theming API Hackfest

On Mon, 2009-02-02 at 05:31 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi,
> For quite some time already, there have been discussions about how to
> improve the GTK+ theming API, and at last GUADEC, a few people started
> thinking of organizing a hackfest on this topic. And the good news is
> that this will now happen :-)

I won't be at the hackfest, but I'd like to point out that my work on
client side windows ( may
somewhat affect what themes can do, as it allows some things that the
current gdk can't.

For instance there shouldn't be any problem with adding support for
partially transparent (non-native) subwindows even on servers not
supporting composite or ARGB visuals. At the moment I'm focusing on
perfect backwards compat, but once this is done we can extend gdk to
support things like that.

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