GTK+ Theming API Hackfest


For quite some time already, there have been discussions about how to
improve the GTK+ theming API, and at last GUADEC, a few people started
thinking of organizing a hackfest on this topic. And the good news is
that this will now happen :-)

In the middle of February (from 16th to 20th), around 10 person will
meet in the Sun offices in Dublin and work hard on this. You can see the
lists of participants and the goals of this hackfest on the following
wiki page:

Among the various items that will be discussed: animations, use of CSS,
and needs of third parties. This is of course a very short summary and
the wiki page has more details.

You'll note that Mozilla and Nokia (for Qt) are sending someone each to
discuss how GTK+ theming affects them and what they would like to see
happening in GTK+-land to help them., Java and SWT were
also interested in having someone go to the hackfest, but unfortunately,
it wasn't possible.

A big thank you to Alberto Ruiz who did most of the organization, to Sun
who will host this hackfest and sponsor the lunch in the canteen, and
also to all the attendants! And of course, thanks to the companies who
let some of their people go and sponsor their trip! (looking at the list
of attendants, I can spot Canonical, Imendio, Intel, Mozilla
Corporation, Nokia and Sun)!



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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