gdk_draw_layout seems that it doesn't make damage event for offscreens.

Title: Samsung Enterprise Portal mySingle

Hello guys.


I'm new.

Currently I'm making some customized widgets with GTK+-2.18.

To test performance about my customized widget, I'm using "gtkperf".

But a problems running gtkperf.


"gdk_draw_layout seems that it doesn't make damage event for offscreens"


When we usually call gdk_draw_xxx functions, gdk_draw_xxx functions draw something by gdk_offscreen_window_draw_xxx which make damage events when drawing is done.

But gdk_draw_layout doesn't draw layout through gdkoffscreenwindow. PangoRenderer directly draw layout on offscreen.

So If I use gdk_draw_layout, I can't catch when I move the picture of offscreen into onscreen.


I wonder whether this problem is the known issue or not.

Or I just made misunderstanding.


Best Regards




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