[introspection] GArrays, GPtrArrays, etc


It seems there is no GI_TYPE_TAG_ for GArrays, GPtrArrays or GByteArrays.  
Well, there is GI_TYPE_TAG_ARRAY and associated annotation "(array)", but 
this is for plain C arrays.  I presume it doesn't e.g. make sense to 
overload GI_TYPE_TAG_ARRAY for GArrays too, because GArrays behave 
differently than plain C arrays.

I would have thought that these containers should be given their own tag 
type so they can be properly handled by language bindings like Seed.  G(S)
Lists and GHashTables all have their own tag types.

So, is this a missing feature?  Or do I misunderstand the situation?

Iain Nicol

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