Proposal: Deprecate tab-pack child property in notebook for 2.18

Hello everyone,

as you may know, the notebook implementation is a bit of a nightmare,
most of its problems comes from the fact that it allows packstart/end
on its notebook tabs. I don't think I've ever seen this being used in
any Gtk+ app (or in any other toolkit fwiw), and for those out there
using it, they deserve no mercy.

So my proposal is to deprecate this child property for the 2.x series,
so that we can get rid of it by 3.0, (meaning 2.18?).

This would allow a long overdue cleanup in the notebook codebase and
make it more manageable to include other features (tab sliding
animations ala Google Chrome as an example?)

Any thoughts? Am I talking crack here? Matthias? Kris? :-)

Alberto Ruiz

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