Re: [PATCH] If running in GNU gdb, disable grabs

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On 08/22/2009 08:15 PM, Owen Taylor wrote:
It's probably good to extend the message to explicitly say that things
are going to work funny (menus, comboboxes, scale buttons, etc.) and
some things (drag-and-drop, e.g.) won't work at all.

(Alternative - maybe it should just be reversed, and instead of
disabling grabs, we should just print a helpful message that you can
use GDK_DEBUG=nograbs ? but if you don't know how to switch-to-a-vt
and kill -9 gdb you might not read that message until you were already
locked up and had to reboot...)

However, I don't see how your patch does anything - *GTK* grabs aren't
an issue - they only control delivery of events that are already going
to the process anyways. You actually should be interested in *GDK*

I've attached a new patch that obsoletes the previous two patches. It disable grabs on the GDK level, only uses this logic on G_ENABLE_DEBUG (it doesn't work otherwise anyway) and adds a much more verbose printed message about what is going on. Note the new function gdk_post_parse_libgtk_only().

Regarding only suggesting to use GDK_DEBUG=noflags when running in gdb and not automatically disabling grabs: I think apparent X11 lockups is more annoying than requiring an explicit --force-grabs when grabs matters.

 / Martin


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