GtkEntry and transparency (for GTK 3)


A while ago this bug report was made:

More recent (but still a year back) this bug report was made to have a
workaround for the above mentioned bug:

Back in the days from those bug reports i also asked the gtk person
responsible for making GtkEntry how and when this would be fixed. Back
then (sorry, forget his name) he told me that he wasn't sure how to
fix it but that it would certainly break some api/abi stuff so it
would probably be done for the next major GTK version (3.0).

So now, well over a year, i'm just trying to find out if there is any
progress about the first bug mentioned and will this get done by GTK
3? or will the workaround be the way to go from now on?
O btw. i don't know what i was thinking when posting patches in the
first bug report. Back then i knew nothing about gtk and right now i
only know a few minor things. So those patches are probably useless.


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