Widget states for 3.0 (and 2.18?)

In 2.18 there is new API for dealing with widget states:



In the Dublin hackfest, one idea that came up for 3.0 was to switch from
an enumerated GtkStateType to a bitflag type so it's possible to support
multiple states at a time.  One of the main reasons for this was related
to state-changing animations, but in general it just seems to make sense
that we can support multiple states on a widget at a time.

So now I'm questioning whether it makes sense to have
gtk_widget_get_state() at all, and perhaps we should only have the
individual get/set methods for each state bit.  Then in 3.0 we could
make a switch to a bitflag state system instead of a flat enum.

Any thoughts?

/ Cody

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