Re: What gives us the macro GSEAL()?

Tor Lillqvist pisze:
So to protection is enable - must include gdkconfig.h.win32 in my

Eek, no. Include gdkconfig.h. Including the normal GTK+ headers
already does that for you.

When building GTK+ for Windows with MSVC, gdkconfig.h.win32 is copied
to gdkconfig.h.

If building GTK+ for Windows using mingw (either natively or
cross-building), the configure script creates gdkconfig.h.
gdkconfig.h.win32 is supposed to be effectively identical to the one
that the configure script produces (for the win32 backend case), to be
useable by people who build GTK+ with MSVC and thus have no POSIXish
environment to run the configure script in, that's the point with it.

So the protection work ONLY then uses to auto configure script (Unix and Windows enviroment).
I have right?
Now I don't see where gdkconfig.h.win32 include in GTK+ source

You don't believe this GSEAL thing is somehow Windows-specific, do you?
Sorry for my english, do not think that.

Grzegorz Kuczyński

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