Re: What gives us the macro GSEAL()?

Colomban Wendling pisze:
AFAIK, it is used to hide members of GTK+ and GDK structures that will
become opaques in future releases (3.0 or so); then it makes easy to
see if a source must be updated not to use direct access of members.
In practice, compilation of a source code accessing directly struct
members with GSEAL_ENABLE defined will fail because member have
another name (_g_sealed__<name>).
So the GSEAL() macro replaces old names.
Because in GTK+ 3 maybe create a new name or type for 'title' property and still not erase old members? Old hide in:

I good understand?
foo##bar is a C preprocessor directive that concatenated two tokens.
In practice, 'GSEAL(foo)' will expand to 'foo' if GSEAL_ENABLE is NOT
defined and to '_g_sealed__foo' if it is.
I did not know this

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