Re: What gives us the macro GSEAL()?

A. Walton pisze:
2009/4/12 A. Walton <awalton ubuntu com>:

gtk_window_set_title() is inside of gtk+ and won't need to change. The
macro is to prevent external applications from doing window->title =
whatever; and instead applications should (and will be forced to use)
"will be forced to use " - how?

So to protection is enable - must include gdkconfig.h.win32 in my aplications? Sufficient that not include this file and I have direct access for property title? Now I don't see where gdkconfig.h.win32 include in GTK+ source and where be a define the GSEAL_ENABLE? I understand user be don't know this.

Thanks you.

Grzegorz Kuczyński

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