placing on desktops


I would not say I want to start it on the same desktop every time it starts. I think it would be just fine if you had the possibility to right click on the app launcher and choose "start on > desktop 3" or just hold down a specific key on your keyboard while you double click an app launcher and some window appears that asks you where to start the application. I don't really want it to save the vDesk it was last launched because I randomly organize which vDesk to use for which app...My behaviour goes like that:


I start using my desktop with surfing some web sites with firefox, beside that I look up some oo-docs on my computer (which became much easier since nautilus has tab support now), now I wanna start banshee to listen to some music but I feel my desktop already became untidy (firefox, nautilus, oo-calc, oo-writer) and I just want to be able to start banshee on desktop 2.


Next time it could be banshee that is already open and I want to start oo-calc on desktop 2...thats how I am organized...or maybe Im not ;-)


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