Re: Theme patriation

2008/10/27 Iain * <iaingnome gmail com>:
> * If a program hangs, the user cannot close the window

The WM could detect this like it already does and draw a dialog over the window.

> * each program needs a copy of the theme parsed in memory, the images
> created in memory
> * theme caches (what little there are) are cached per app, rather than
> per theme.
> * each program is linked to the metacity library...we're trying to
> reduce library count for each program, not increase them.

See my reply to Thomas, there's no need for GTK to continue using
metacity themes.

> * windows don't all look/behave the same (I know this is one of your
> plus points, but in my eyes this is a large negative)

Programs can already do this. It doesn't mean they do it. I think the
main point here is to have flexibility you don't currently have with 2
processes involved in drawing a window.


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