Re: Theme patriation

On Sun, 2008-10-26 at 18:38 -0400, Thomas Thurman wrote:
> This would mean that the themes could interact better with the contents 
> of the window.  For example, it would become easy to add a button like 
> the oval button on an OS X window which hides the toolbar.

You can do this by extending the ICCCM WM_PROTOCOLS message.  Maemo and
Sato use the support in Matchbox for a "custom" action
(_NET_WM_CONTEXT_CUSTOM) to pop up the main menu bar, and I believe KDE
uses _NET_WM_CONTEXT_HELP to implement context-sensitive help (help icon
in the titlebar activates click-for-help mode).  Matchbox also supports
_NET_WM_CONTEXT_ACCEPT so that (insane) devices can create WinCE-style

Adding _NET_WM_CONTEXT_TOOLBAR sounds like it should be fairly simple to
do, especially with a GTK+ utility function to mark a toolbar as the
"main" toolbar.

>It would also make it much easier to allow per-app themes, as is often
> requested for the GIMP.

I'm failing to see a reasonable use-case for the GIMP to have a
different theme.  What is the reasoning here?

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