Re: Windows dev-* environment

On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 23:37 +0300, Vlad Grecescu wrote:
> I suppose MSM/MSI installers would be great I suppose for Visual
> Studio users!
> But would they install the pkg-config files, and the other libs for
> linking with mingw-gcc too?

Yes.  For the moment the binaries would be mingw-compiled dlls, and the
installers would include all headers and .pc files.  The MSM/MSI
projects will be useful to people compiling with mingw.

At such time that we can easily and consistently build with Microsoft
compiler, we'll sit down and figure out what our options are.  I don't
know if we need separate installers, or just have the MSMs include both
mingw and VS binaries.  That's a problem for another day though.

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