Re: Windows dev-* environment

On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 10:06 PM, Cody Russell <bratsche gnome org> wrote:
This coming weekend in Boston Summit I was planning to put in the last
work needed to get GTK+ WiX installer sources into shape and push them
upstream into svn.  The idea being to start releasing official
MSM/MSI installer files in future releases of GTK+.

I'm not familiar with the mingw/msys installer stuff at all.  Would this
be at all useful towards that end?

/ Cody

Hi Cody,
The reason I mentioned mingw/msys is because this is what I use now and find painfully to:
- download all new *.zip files for a new gtk release
- do a "compare" against the current c:/usr and old *.zip files, then "Delete Left" (that is, delete each files that were installed from previous zips)
- unpack the new zips
The reasons I would prefer an online up-to-date text file is for this "upgrading" option, and the example I have are the NSIS scripts from mingw's installer.

I suppose MSM/MSI installers would be great I suppose for Visual Studio users!
But would they install the pkg-config files, and the other libs for linking with mingw-gcc too?

Vlad Grecescu

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