Windows dev-* environment

Hello Gtk developers/users,

I was wondering if, now that maintains a list of up-to-date Windows packages (binaries, dev-binaries and sources) it would be possible to make an installation kit out of them.
Something integrated with an mingw/msys installer, for the developers.

The problem is that there should be some kind of textual descriptions of the latest versions/latest URLs for both the binaries and the sources, on-line.

Something like

glib 2.18.1-2 "" "" ""
gtk 2.14.3 "http://..." "http://..." "http://..."

So the name of the package, the version, the URLs for binary/dev/sources. (have a look at for the inspiration)

This would allow an installer to: automatically install runtime or developement files, *and automatically upgrade everything*. It would also allow 64-bit compiling in the future:D

Well, what do you think?
I can start myself an nsis project with this if we agree.

Vlad Grecescu

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