Re: GTK+ Website Review - Final Draft

While you guys are talking about website stuff again, on a side note I
want to mention the information about IRC stuff on the webpage:

This page mentions #gtk-devel as a place where team meetings occur, but
there has been a lot of traffic to this channel recently by people
looking for help with general gtk+ stuff.

I wasn't sure where to file a 'bug' about this, so I posted to Bugzilla

Today Kris gave me ops so I could at least change the /topic to point
people to #gtk+ but we really should make some mention of #gtk+ on the
webpage somewhere so that people just know the right place to go from
the beginning.

Can I commit this patch to gtk-web, or should it be changed some first,
or should I just let you guys take care of it?

/ Cody

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