Re: GTK+ Website Review - Final Draft

2008/3/26, Martyn Russell <martyn imendio com>:
Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> 2008/3/26, Martyn Russell <martyn imendio com>:
>> Hi Murray,
>> I have to say, first and foremost, I agree with Micke. The language
>> bindings are about other languages which are available for use with
>> GTK+. This is not GNOME. I really think having a small GNOME foot (or
>> another icon) for indication purposes in another column is sufficient
>> for this. I think it is a mistake to make the point of showing certain
>> bindings as "first class" bindings purely because they are supported by
> Still, we need a way to tell people that some bindings are better than
> others:
> I would suggest to remove any bindings not supported since 2.6 from the main
> list, that would pretty much leave the actively maintained and most popular
> Gtk+ bindings on the list (most of those are already on the GNOME binding
> set btw). Then we can promote the most popular bindings to the highest
> places.
> Does this makes sense?

Actually, I meant to do that too, but must have forgotten.
I agree, we should only show bindings up to the version we support
perhaps (is that 2.6 or 2.8? I can't remember).

This list is not updated by anyone except us though. The problem is that
it will definitely become out of date unless someone actively checks up
on all bindings. That is probably also why the bindings on there are
mostly out of date for a lot of languages.

I volunteer myself to do some sort of binding review as long as I can get access to update the page. (For example, the Ada bindings supports 2.10 already).

Alberto Ruiz

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