Re: exporting _gtk_selection_request for selection manager use

On Sat, 2008-03-15 at 13:46 -0500, Xavier Toth wrote:
> Thanks I'll look at the gnome-settings-daemon. A little background,
> the problem I'm looking to address is the one related to MCS/MLS
> policy in the SELinux world where you are copying and pasting between
> windows of different contexts and or levels. In particular my concern
> is MLS where you need a 'middle man' to be able to downgrade
> information in a secure way when copying from a higher level
> window/app and pasting to a lower level window/app. Could you please
> expand upon what types of problems 'eager' clipboard managers cause?

Load large spreadsheet, click "select all", watch your eager clipboard
manager suck down lots and lots of data, probably in duplicates
converted to all possible data types the spreadsheet can convert to. And
this may happen even for in-process cut&paste, greatly slowing it down
and causing it to serialize all data.

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