Re: Minutes: Foreign OSes BoF

Tentative patch at . Comments, please.

By default, with this patch, the GDI+ loaders are built when targeting Windows.

If one uses the --with-included-loaders (without any further
specification) option to configure, the GDI+ loaders (and the others,
too) are built-in, otherwise they are built as DLLs.

If one uses --disable-gdiplus-loaders, no GDI+ loaders are built, and
instead the "traditional" ones are built.

Other combinations of options probably won't work, or require listing
all the gdip-foo loaders, or something like that. Will have to work on
this. Or maybe all this optionality is unnecessary bling when
targeting Windows, and it should just always build the GDI+ loaders
and the non-external-library ones as built-in.


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