Questions about "Imendio's Vision on Gtk+"

Hi All,

I just read through the detailed version of Imendio's Vision on Gtk+ [1], and I have some questions that I do not know the right forum to post in. I hope that here is ok.'

1) Relation to GLib. Are these methodologies being imposed on GLib too?  To some extent it must atleast, since gtk_container_get_children() returns a GList, which is normally traversed by by iter = iter->next, and g_list_next() is only a macro.

  * Bonus: If GLib is affected how about introducing a GObject oriented Collections framework, like what libgee does for Vala? Ie based on GInterfaces and such. This will provide even greater flexibility if we want to change behavior of stuff without breaking api/abi.

2) When you talk about "no exposing of C'isms" how does that relate to the following:

 2.1) Arrays as NULL terminated sequence of pointers
 2.2) Return values as method args, ie: void get_position (GeometricObject obj, int *x, int *y); Banning this will kill GError...
  - both 2.1 and 2.2 are heavily correlated with my bonus point under 1).

3) Exposing struct fields in GObject class structs? How else would one override methods? By calling a designated g_object_class_override_method(class, method, new_method); or something of the sort?

Anyways, I want to thank Imendio for sharing and pushing their vision. It is the greatest thing to happen since... GIO! - I remember it like it where yesterday, those where the days.



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