Re: Questions about "Imendio's Vision on Gtk+"

2008/3/14 Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen <mikkel kamstrup gmail com>:
> 3) Exposing struct fields in GObject class structs? How else would one
> override methods? By calling a designated
> g_object_class_override_method(class, method, new_method); or something of
> the sort?

My thought has been that you could use a struct of function pointers,
including the ABI version number and the size within the struct and
pass that struct pointer to a g_object_class_override_methods()
function. I believe this is similar to what COM does and would allow
backwards compatible implementation, however ugly it would turn out to

However I think the idea was to continue exposing function pointers in
class structs and just add $ENOUGH extra slots for future expansion.

Tommi Komulainen tommi komulainen iki fi

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