Re: About GTK+ 3.0 and deprecated things

Morten Welinder wrote:
>> It is just not cool to use Gtk.
> I think that pretty much hits it on the nail.  Some people want a cool
> project to work on.  By all means, go ahead!  Fork gtk+ to something
> new, cool, fancy.  But leave existing gtk+ bugzilla and svn module
> alone.
>> In the end it comes down to which goal is deemed most
>> important: Keep ISVs and spare-time-investors happy or motivate a new
>> generation of hackers to pick up, the coolness that could be, Gtk.
> Do you really think saying "Fuck you!" to your application developers
> every 3-4 years is going to attract an enthusiastic crowd?

Yes I do and yes I am an application developer. Surely it is more
logical to break _few_ things 3-4 years than _many_ things every 6-10 years?

Consider the huge development burden (which never comes at an
appropriate time let's face it) once in 6-10 years compared to a smaller
one which is easier to schedule every 3-4 years. Plus, let's not forget,
we are not saying we will definitely break API/ABI every 3-4 years, we
are saying we _may_. It is not guaranteed, it is just a way to try and
see some sort of acceptance by the community that they are happy to see
it break so often (if it needs to at all).


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