About GTK+ 3.0 and deprecated things


I've read the PDF at

I am wondering what the options will be for users of the GTK lib, that
still use deprecated widgets?

In the project I work for, we do have a lot of them:

[claws-mail/src]$ grep -r GtkItemFactory *|wc -l
[claws-mail/src]$ grep -r GtkTooltips *|wc -l
[claws-mail/src]$ grep -r GtkCTree *|wc -l
[claws-mail/src]$ grep -r GtkCList *|wc -l

They're used all over the place and in very central places of the code.
Rewriting them to use newer, non-deprecated widgets would require a
scary number of man-hours of un-fun work, introduce new bugs, and would
take all of our (we're three core developers) energy to re-do work we've
already done.

We went through this when migrating from GTK+ 1 to GTK+ 2 already. We
don't want to do it again.

What do you plan on doing for users of your toolkit who don't have time
to rewrite things every four years?

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