Re: GTK+ Website Review - Final Draft

28 jan 2008 kl. 10.48 skrev Martyn Russell:


Bastiaan Veelo wrote:

Logo: fresh look, I like it. However, it looks slightly distorted to me, if it is supposed to resemble a perfect cube. As you know, all parallel lines in a perspective projection share a common vanishing point. This
seems not to be the case particularly in the upper and lower edges of
the green front face and the corresponding edges in the back. Also, you might want to consider to make the 'invisible' edges not as heavy as the others; I suggest to have a little of the face colour mixed in them to
give them a shine-through appearance.

Thanks for your thoughts, but ultimately, it is just a logo and I think
it looks great ;)

More importantly, it's just a facelift of the current logo (which has always been skewed) and some people seems to like it.

The discussion about it the last time it came up (October last year).


Imendio AB,

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