Re: GTK+ Website Review - Final Draft


First off: congratulations with a clean site, good first impressions. I am not a GTK+ dev, but I happened to see your post and take the liberty to share my small comments.

Logo: fresh look, I like it. However, it looks slightly distorted to me, if it is supposed to resemble a perfect cube. As you know, all parallel lines in a perspective projection share a common vanishing point. This seems not to be the case particularly in the upper and lower edges of the green front face and the corresponding edges in the back. Also, you might want to consider to make the 'invisible' edges not as heavy as the others; I suggest to have a little of the face colour mixed in them to give them a shine-through appearance.

Banner: is one single PNG. I don't know how much band-width is an issue today (it isn't for me) and the file is not very large, but it could be reduced more by having the logo and the title in separate PNGs against a background gradient.

Lay-out: I personally dislike sites with a fixed page width. I think that the ability of browsers to authonomously break lines is one of the prime beauties of HTML. It is a lot of scrolling too, as the pages are quite narrow. As a user of I would really appreciate it if you could drop the fixed width :-)

None of these issues should delay the release, they can be adjusted any time. And I can help if you want.


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