Re: GTK+ Website Review - Final Draft

Bastiaan Veelo wrote:
> Hi,


> First off: congratulations with a clean site, good first impressions. I
> am not a GTK+ dev, but I happened to see your post and take the liberty
> to share my small comments.

Thanks, it has taken long enough :)

> Logo: fresh look, I like it. However, it looks slightly distorted to me,
> if it is supposed to resemble a perfect cube. As you know, all parallel
> lines in a perspective projection share a common vanishing point. This
> seems not to be the case particularly in the upper and lower edges of
> the green front face and the corresponding edges in the back. Also, you
> might want to consider to make the 'invisible' edges not as heavy as the
> others; I suggest to have a little of the face colour mixed in them to
> give them a shine-through appearance.

Thanks for your thoughts, but ultimately, it is just a logo and I think
it looks great ;)

> Banner: is one single PNG. I don't know how much band-width is an issue
> today (it isn't for me) and the file is not very large, but it could be
> reduced more by having the logo and the title in separate PNGs against a
> background gradient.

This is very much a non-issue to me. You can do it either way. I prefer
the way it is because you get a consistent feel across all browsers and
are not subjected to different font size and look issues.

> Lay-out: I personally dislike sites with a fixed page width. I think
> that the ability of browsers to authonomously break lines is one of the
> prime beauties of HTML. It is a lot of scrolling too, as the pages are
> quite narrow. As a user of I would really appreciate it if you
> could drop the fixed width :-)

The layout will not change ;)

I have spent 4 drafts trying out different layouts and trying to get ONE
which works on all browsers and works on devices like the Nokia N800,
etc is a nightmare. The fixed width design is used quite often on other
sites too.

> None of these issues should delay the release, they can be adjusted any
> time. And I can help if you want.

No need, but thanks for your support and your comments!


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