Re: Theming API Hackfest


That's actually a good point. The idea is that we will bring people
from other toolkits to have a few "feedback days/sessions" and then
concentrate our work taking their input into account. Adding a11y to
the agenda makes a lot of sense to me.

However, any of the people willing to attend has any kind of
experience there. Can you think of anyone with expertise enough that
have dealed with Gtk+ themes for this matter?

Peter Korn sun com or Willie Walker sun com would probably be the two
people I would contact.  They would be able to recommend the best people
who could attend.  Peter is involved with Java a11y and has a lot of
real world experience with the needs of accessibility users.  Giving
input from how this is done in Java might also be of value.  It might
also be useful to have someone with a usability background there, such
as Calum Benson sun com
Most of my a11y contacts are in Sun, and Sun has been involved a lot
with a11y.  However, I'm sure there are also people at Red Hat or
Ubuntu or other places who are involved with a11y and might be
interested.  It might be good to also send an email to the
gnome-accessibility-devel gnome org list and see who is interested and
has the skills to help you.


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