Theming API Hackfest

Hello board!

during last GUADEC we had a theming API hackfest and we came up to the
conclusion that there's need for some serious work regarding how Gtk+
handles themes to make the theming code more flexible and maintenable.
However, any changes would require a breakage in the current ABI/API
and consequently most engines would need some rework so we want to
come up with something before Gtk+ 2.90/3.0 that can be discussed for

Benjaming Berg and myself were really interested in this (plus Cody
Russel has expressed his interest to join the effort as well) and we
discussed the idea of having a dedicated hackfest soon so that we can
come up with a proposal.

The goals would be:

1) Allow widgets to pass on more contextual information to theme
engines so that engines don't have to mess with widget implementation
2) Improve the theming api so that engines for native platforms
(Windows, Mac) are easier to write and maintain
3) Came up with a proper API for better third party toolkit
integration (XUL, Java, Qt)
4) Evaluate if an API backwards compatibility layer is possible to not
break engines

I would like to propose a hackfest on late January/2009 hosted at
Dublin in the Sun offices. Sun can provide the venue which has plenty
of materials to host the hackfest (projectors, whiteboards, printers a
canteen) and the local organization as long as we keep it a small
hackfest (around 5 people). The expenses for people needed for
sponsorship would be covered by the foundation though since we don't
have budget for that.

I would like to request feedback from the board and the Gtk+ team
regarding the idea. I can be present on the next Gtk+ IRC meeting if
you would like to discuss it in the next agenda.

Alberto Ruiz

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