Re: Theming API Hackfest

2008/8/29 Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com>:
> Alberto:
> I give a +1, but I think there should be another goal.  To invest some
> attention to the accessibility themes, like HighContrast and perhaps
> helping to develop an effort to resolve the issues there.  How can we
> take things to the next level for a11y?

> Also the ability to run the computer in black/white (or other two color
> combinations for people with color blindness issues - I think KDE is
> working on something like this).  It would be good to make sure we don't
> forget to include ways to improve desktop usability for people with
> disabilities when we consider how to rewrite theming engines.

That's actually a good point. The idea is that we will bring people
from other toolkits to have a few "feedback days/sessions" and then
concentrate our work taking their input into account. Adding a11y to
the agenda makes a lot of sense to me.

However, any of the people willing to attend has any kind of
experience there. Can you think of anyone with expertise enough that
have dealed with Gtk+ themes for this matter?

> I'm sure there are other examples.
> Brian

Alberto Ruiz

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