Re: Functions Removed Between 2.12.9 & 2.13.5

2008/8/15 Matt Keenan <Matt Keenan sun com>:
> Hi,
> Just doing a functions diff between Gtk 2.12.9 (Gnome 2.22) and Gtk 2.13.5
> (Current for 2.24), and I've noticed about 60 function calls have been
> removed.

See the (now removed) comment in gtkfilesystem.h:

/* This is a "semi-private" header; it is meant only for
 * alternate GtkFileChooser backend modules; no stability guarantees
 * are made at this point
#error "GtkFileSystem is not supported API for general use"

I agree with you in principle, changing public or defacto public api
is not nice. On the other hand gtkfilesystem.h probably shouldn't have
been public API in the first place, notwithstanding the consensual

mvh Björn

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