Need quick help: Let the print output of all GTK apps be PDF


on the Printing Summit in Atlanta in 2006 it was decided that the standard print job format should be PDF and not PostScript any more, as this has many advantages for the printing workflow, especially reliability and quality.

Recently the needed CUPS filters for the PDF printing workflow were developed and now I have completed the implementation onf the PDF printing workflow on the server side in Ubuntu Intrepid. Also the KDE apps in Intrepid send PDF to CUPS when the user prints,

I have looked into the printing code of GTK+ and it looks for me as this code iscapable of producing PostScript or PDF to send to a print queue. GTK applications usually send PostScript to the printer. I would like to do a simple operation in the configuration of the GTK library (or a small patch) so that all GTK/GNOME apps output PDF on "File"/"Print".

Can someone help me quickly how to proceed? Thank you very much in advance.


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