Re: Units and resolution independence for gtk+

Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> writes:

> > I'll repeat that making use of the physical size in the X Screen
> > structure is *BROKEN*. You don't want tiny fonts a projector, and you
> > don't want huge fonts on handheld.
> > 
> > The number is meaningless without knowledge about the device type.
> Does s/screen dpi/scale factor/ make more sense to you?  Call it
> that.

Sorry, I mixed this up with a different flame war.

(On the topic at hand, I think I agree with David that it would be
better if we could auto-detect the case where fonts need to be scaled
differently than the rest of the UI; having a user-settable "font
scale factor" is a bit broken IMO).


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