Re: Undo framework

David Trowbridge wrote:
You might want to look at the undo implementation in Tomboy.  It
implements the "mergeable command" idea fairly nicely.

Or look at GtkSourceView, or look for it in bugzilla,
or look at bunch of other implementations (I am sure
there are *plenty*, minimum two in every programming
language). I don't know about tomboy's one, but what
GtkSourceView has (or the patch in bugzilla, not too
far from GtkSourceView's) are not flexible enough either.
It just sucks when you want more, when you have textview
where text may be modified by different entities without
knowing about each other (plugins, that sort of stuff).

Undo manager should allow merging and nesting. And
ability to move groups/actions around. Please don't say
"out of the scope", we already have bunch of undo
implementations, so it's not just "let's have anything".

On the other hand, of course, anything would do as a mean
to undumbify gtk. If anyone's proposal has chances to get
into gtk so I can press Ctrl-Z in xchat,  I will vote for it with
all my hands and legs even if I will continue using my own
implementation in my entries and textviews. Not that
my vote matters of course, I'd vote for my patch in that case :)

Best regards,

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