Re: Undo framework

You might want to look at the undo implementation in Tomboy.  It
implements the "mergeable command" idea fairly nicely.


On 9/21/07, Iain * <iaingnome gmail com> wrote:
> On 9/21/07, Yevgen Muntyan <muntyan tamu edu> wrote:
> > Another note, you need to be able to merge those undoables.
> > For example, when you type in bunch of characters in an
> > entry, you want to undo whole thing (e.g. entering a word,
> > or sequence of inserted characters, whatever is more
> > convenient), but the entry can't possibly know if something
> > will be entered in advance, so simple
> > "create context - add stuff - close context" won't do.
> Thats really up to the code using the undo manager to do, to work out
> when an appropriate time to "add stuff" is. While it is outside of the
> scope of the undo framework, it is perfectly within the scope of an
> undoable entry, but that isn't really what i'm concerned with here
> (plus, its more ross' domain as he wrote that stuff)
> iain
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