Key event problems

  I've opened a bug on this but I wanted to see if I can pick anyone
else's brain on this. I'm running into a problem where GTK+ apps stop
responding to the keyboard, anywhere from 1 to 40 minutes after the app
starts. From some rudimentary debugging GDK and even GTK+ is getting the
events, but at some point the higher level components stop processing
them. At this point I've had the problem occur in Thunderbird, Pidgin
and gnome-terminal. I'm debugging Thunderbird because that's the one I
use the most (and so it gets the problem most often). I'm very new to
GTK+ so I'm having a little trouble deciphering the complete chain of
event handling as well as what is subclassing what. I know that the key
event gets as far as the MozContainer widget but after that I don't know
where to look. Here are a few questions:

I've added some debug g_message statements for key handling in both
gtk_widget_real_key_press_event and gtk_widget_real_key_release_event,
but I only get output for the release. From another debug statement on
gtk_widget_event_internal I can see that a signal is being emitted on
GtkWindow and the MozContainer for the key press, but it seems to be
handled elsewhere. I've tried looking at the MozContainer source here:

But there doesn't appear to be any key handling there. I also looked in
GtkContainer but I don't see it there either.

I really hate to bother the list but I'm really floundering here. The
bug report is here:



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