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I just submitted a feature request to bugzilla.
I chose to post this message to gtk-devel-list since the feature
is related to the gtk input method API.

I'd like to hear your comments.

Message is below:

Taking a cue from the interface design in audio software...

In the world of audio software, engineers normally
use what's called control surfaces to control their DAW(digital
audio workstations) and virtual instruments. Right now,
this type of functionality is done via MIDI, although I'm
not sure if MIDI would be appropriate for general purpose applications.

I was wondering if it's possible(or reasonable) for GTK
to bring the same functionality to applications.

For example, imagine if you could assign the controls
for brightness, contrast, and sharpness in GIMP/Pixel/Krita to a set of
faders/knobs on something like a CME Bitstream
or any other control surface for that matter.

Also, imagine if you could assign a frequently used GUI Menu
to a button on the MIDI controller. And then when the menu comes into
focus, your controller would automatically switch to your assigned
button settings for that menu.

I really think this idea could go a long way in increasing productivity.
The combination of mouse and keyboard can be cumbersome in cases where
a controller might make things much easier.

Anyway, I'd like to hear some comments.

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