Re: [directfb-users] Problems in GdkWindow Events with Gtk - DirectFb backend

Sreenivas Chowdary wrote:
Hi Attilioa,

As the sample program mentioned below I am creating a GdkWindow.
While porting Gtk for DirectFb, Is  gdk_window_new() and
gdk_window_add_filter() are not proted to support DirectFb?

The problem of Events not working on GdkWindow, is this issue related
to Gtk code or DirectFb code or ported code?
Please give me your ideas to solve the issue.

I also had problems with events in GTK+-DirectFB recently, but don't
have a fix yet.

gdk_event_put() was not working, gtk_widget_event() was halfway working.

Best regards,
  Denis Oliver Kropp

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