libgdl runtime error on gtk+-quartz

I have compiled gtk+ using the script from Imendio and everything was working fine. I have compiled several programs against it and they all work beautifully. Then I decided to use the libgdl dock widget and ran into problems.

I am getting an error from dereferencing a bad pointer in g_type_check_instance_cast as called from gdk_window_impl_quartz_begin_paint_region.

Here is the top couple of entries from the backtrace:
0 0x02b5c9d0 in g_type_check_instance_cast (type_instance=0x1, iface_type=50472752) at gtype.c:3143 #1 0x01e9a512 in gdk_window_impl_quartz_begin_paint_region (paintable=0x17330, region=0x5c40) at gdkwindow-quartz.c:228 #2 0x01e8932f in gdk_window_begin_paint_region (window=0x2f530c8, region=0x5c40) at gdkwindow.c:991
#3  0x00ee35eb in gtk_main_do_event (event=0xbfffd544) at gtkmain.c:1513
#4 0x01e976e7 in -[GdkQuartzView drawRect:] (self=0x3086ce0, _cmd=0x95392630, rect={origin = {x = 0, y = 0}, size = {width = 375, height = 380}}) at GdkQuartzView.c:100

The thing that is most strange is that in the debugger, the paintable variable is non-NULL and looks like a valid memory location, but the variable impl = 0xfffffff1. This seems like an invalid memory address. Even more strange, later on in gdk_window_impl_quartz_begin_paint(), the drawable_impl variable which is derived from impl also looks like a valid memory address.

I am not familiar enough with all of this code to know what the problem is, but if someone could direct me on where to look and what to try, I can do some of the footwork.

John Swensen

P.S. If you want more of the call stack, I can send all of it, but it is 28 calls deep.

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