Re: Problems in GdkWindow Events with Gtk - DirectFb backend

Sreenivas Chowdary wrote:

I am facing an issue to get events on GdkWindow which was built with
Gtk DirectFb backend.

In sample program i am creating a toplevel GdkWindow and creating a
child Gdkwindow.
While creating GdkWindow i have added events mask, and used
gdk_window_add_filter() function to add event handler callback to
While running executable I am not getting any events (Key press,
expose, button press etc..).
With same program we are getting events on Gtk - X11 backend.

Is Events handling implementation for GdkWindow with DirectFb backend
implemented or not?
Please suggest me how to get events on GdkWindow with DFB backend.

The code in the DirectFB backends that produces the GDK events works reasonably well in many cases, while there are cases where some functionalities are still unimplemented/broken. You should file a BR [1] against the directfb component and you may have a look at the code in the DirectFB backend [2] and try to produce a patch for the unimplemented/broken functionalities.


Attilio Fiandrotti

[1] [2]

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