Re: Announce: gio merged

Hi there,

Does GAppInfo make sense on Windows and Mac? It doesn't
build on win32, and it's not quite clear whether the fix is
to provide stubs or to remove the code completely.
What is it for, are normal applications going to use it? Perhaps
it's an X-specific (that is, specific to platforms which use
specs) functionality needed by Nautilus and friends,
while on win32 and mac all that's needed is some
g_open_file_somehow()? Perhaps applications do need
some information about "what application handles this
file type or this file", but then probably some special API
should be provided exactly for that, while a xdg desktop
wrapper should be left for X, as X-specific API.


Alexander Larsson wrote:
I just commited gio to the glib svn module. As this is a sort of large
chunk of work I expect there to be some temporary issues to work out.

For instance, its likely that there are some build issues for platforms
I haven't tested. I got a bunch of solaris fixes for gio-standalone,
which hopefully survived the merge, but there might still be issues.

I'd also like some help from the win32 folks to make sure this builds in
all the right ways.

As a general update to the status I would say the API is pretty good and
shouldn't need much changes (I consider it API slushy atm, only serious
problems will cause changes). There are a few spots in the
implementation that are stubbed and marked TODO. We plan to fix all
these before Gnome 2.22 though.
Also, the docs are mostly the function templates right now. These need
to be fully fleshed out.

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