Re: Announce: gio merged

On Tue, 2007-11-27 at 10:11 -0600, Yevgen Muntyan wrote:
> Hi there,
> Does GAppInfo make sense on Windows and Mac? It doesn't
> build on win32, and it's not quite clear whether the fix is
> to provide stubs or to remove the code completely.
> What is it for, are normal applications going to use it? Perhaps
> it's an X-specific (that is, specific to platforms which use
> specs) functionality needed by Nautilus and friends,
> while on win32 and mac all that's needed is some
> g_open_file_somehow()? Perhaps applications do need
> some information about "what application handles this
> file type or this file", but then probably some special API
> should be provided exactly for that, while a xdg desktop
> wrapper should be left for X, as X-specific API.

I haven't built of Win32 in a while, so I can't say anything about the
current state. However, GAppInfo is clearly not X-specific in any way,
as its an abstract interface. There is even an Win32 implementation
gwin32appinfo.c (that at least used to work last time I tried it).

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