Re: Announce: gio merged

On Mon, 2007-11-26 at 17:25 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> As a general update to the status I would say the API is pretty good and
> shouldn't need much changes (I consider it API slushy atm, only serious
> problems will cause changes). There are a few spots in the
> implementation that are stubbed and marked TODO. We plan to fix all
> these before Gnome 2.22 though. 

There was a vew API changes today:
* gurifuncs.c moved to glib
* g_format_file_size_for_display moved to glib
* GSocketInput/OutputStream was renamed to GUnixInput/OutputStream and
  moved to the unix-only gio-unix-2.0.pc file
* a <gio/gio.h> main include-everything header was added

> Also, the docs are mostly the function templates right now. These need
> to be fully fleshed out.

A bunch of docs was commited, written by Andrew Walton. I need to review
this for details, but it looks quite good and bumps up much further up
in the docs completion stats.

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