Re: Extended Layout Summary


Mathias Hasselmann wrote:
OK, so lets six other years until we get the perfect solution Havoc
dreams of in his pipe dreams.

I think you misunderstand the intent; you said "here's the proposal" and I asked some questions and said "what about doing it this way"

You are very welcome to say "no, that's wrong because..." or "that would be too hard because..." or "my way is better because..." - it's a discussion, and clearly you have thought about the issues longer than I have.

And I'm not a maintainer anyway, I am just trying to contribute ideas that you and the maintainers are welcome to ignore.

I don't *think* anything I brought up is very hard to do, certainly not a pipe dream or 6 year project. But if it is, just explain that.

You probably should expect to make *some* changes when posting a patch for review - I'm sure the actual maintainers will have review comments, that's how the process works. The kernel and other major projects are the same way.

However, you certainly don't have to make every change anyone brings up on the mailing list, only the ones you or the maintainers consider to be important.

So please don't be discouraged. If my ideas are bad then ignore them (or, I always appreciate learning something new so if you take the time to explain what's wrong with the ideas, that's always welcome)


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