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Hi Martyn,

Martyn Russell wrote:
> Hi,
> Over the last few weeks, I have spent time putting together the new
> website for I decided it would be easier to start from scratch
> reusing the original content.
> I have put the new pages up here for review:
> The content is my primary interest, but if you have style queries or
> comments they are also welcome.

Great work!  This is the way to go, it looks great generally.  Thanks
too for the clean HTML source.

Now come the "bad news" :)  I will purely comment on style here.

So, at first sight, the page looked a bit "empty".  It was just a
feeling of "something is missing".  I think the Inkscape website had it,
but still has it - a screenshot on the front page,
something representative besides just a logo.  I think another source of
that feeling comes from the text color - just use black please.  Make it
as easy on the eyes as possible, so black is *the* color for normal

Also, the WineHQ page (at least the main page) has a reddish color
theme.  Maybe use (GTK logo) colors for headings?  Something like dark
(!) green for description pages (Overview, Features, About), blue for
downloadable stuff (Download, Screenshots), and red for in-depth /
development pages (Development).  I would put the FAQ in the last
category, but I'm not too sure.

I feel the coloring of the documentation page should be more unified -
there is red in the heading, and the icons are blue-ish and green.
Also, the view and download icons don't match well in their style.  And
maybe add some space vertically between the table rows (GLib / GObject /
Pango / ...) to not have it be one overwhelming "block".

I wonder where the GTK logo proposal went?  I think it would fit quite
well in this design.

Now, I won't make my language exams in June now (but in September), so I
have time left sooner for helping out here.  I'm a bit busy with other
things, but I can lend a hand still.


PS: I'm new to message-signing.  I don't normally see people sign their
messages.  Is it bad etiquette to use them on mailing lists?
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