GTK+ Website Review


Over the last few weeks, I have spent time putting together the new
website for I decided it would be easier to start from scratch
reusing the original content.

I have put the new pages up here for review:

The content is my primary interest, but if you have style queries or
comments they are also welcome.

Issues outstanding:

* The about page currently has several issues I would like to resolve
before I would say it is complete. The main one being that the "Other
credits" section lists (not comprehensively) contributors of important
parts of GTK+. I don't think it makes sense to include it. What do
others think?

* The GTK+ team on the about page is out of date. We have the same issue
with the FAQ and again with the AUTHORS file in the repository. I
briefly discussed this with Tim Janik and we couldn't completely agree
here. I personally think we should have a named team which are the
established GTK+ team. Tim's point was that this changes quite often and
mostly unrealistic. I think having this is vitally important for a
project so the community have a body to turn to which is responsible.
Maybe I am wrong? Either way, we need to synchronise these in one place
I think. Naming people in the FAQ is pointless, it is updated even less
frequently than the website.

* The overview page lists the latest news items and I trimmed it down
because it was quite long. I wonder if should only have the last 5
items? Also on the old pages we had news listings back to the beginning
of time. I haven't done this due to the time it would take and those
sort of things are always available in the archives. Does anyone
disagree here?

* Should the FAQ be JUST available in the website module? At the moment,
we have to take that file and build the html and move it somewhere else
to make sure it is visible for the website, it might make life easier if
it was part of the same module.

* I have added a section called "Support" to the Development page which
is supposed to be for customers wanting to submit funds or man power
into the project to have some clear direction and way forward to do
that. I have added a link to the gnome-foundation mailing list, is there
anything else we can do here?

* Are we going to provide binary packages for Windows or OS X? I think
we should state clearly what we are going to do here on the downloads
page. I just used the last text which said Windows packages are coming
soon, is this true? Perhaps we could link to Tor's page here OR perhaps
Tor's page should be hosted at The first time I tried to get
GTK+ working on Windows, I expected to be the place to visit and
it wasn't.

* Should we add some information about getting GTK+ working on Windows
and OS X on the development page (like the building Evolution on Windows
HOWTO Tor wrote or the building Loudmouth on Windows HOWTO I wrote)?
Having this information on the main site could eliminate a lot of
questions posted to the mailing lists.

* Have I missed anything?

* What are people's thoughts on the initial look and feel?


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